Termination of Services

In the event that Compass feels that we can no longer meet your needs, a written notice of termination of services will be sent to you or your legal representative, the waiver case manager, and BDDS. Upon notice of termination of services, it is the obligation of Compass to continue providing services to you until a new provider agency is located and in place. At the discretion of the Compass CEO, services may be terminated immediately only in the following situations:

  • The individual’s medical needs cannot be safely met by Direct Support Professional staff
  • The continuation of services would pose an immediate threat to the safety of Compass employees

Compass will cooperate with the BDDS transition process and will participate in required meetings and in the development or update of the ISP. Compass will provide assistance to you in order to ensure continuity of services and effective transitions. Compass will share your service record with the new provider.